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How to Make Compost Tea - Organic Compost Tumbler. World's Best Composter.
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How to Make Compost Tea

Compost tea is an amazing liquid that both feeds and protects your plants, and guess what, you can make it for next to nothing if you have a compost tumbler!

You will need:

1 clean 5 gallon bucket
1 old pair of nylons or pantyhose
1 small aquarium pump
1 small length of aquarium tubing
1 aquarium "airstone" or "bubbler"
1 spray bottle or large capacity sprayer

Brewing compost tea is much like brewing actual tea. You place compost in water, and the good stuff comes out and multiplies. The microorganisms and compounds in compost tea will feed your plants, as well as provide for insect and disease resistance.

So, get a few handfuls of finished compost from your tumbler, place it in the pantyhose and tie it off, you now have a compost tea bag.

Fill up your bucket with water, if you have city water that may be chlorinated run the bubbler (more below) in it for an hour or so to bubble off that chlorine. You'll also want a clean bucket for this, buckets that have held chemicals in the past probably aren't a good choice.

Assemble the aquarium pump, tubing, and bubble generating end. If you do not already have this stuff, ask friends and family, someone you know probably has this stuff in their basement as anyone who has had fish at one point would have needed these things. If not, you can buy it all for around $5.

Place the bubbler in the bucket of water, turn the pump on, you should see bubbles. Good, now add your compost tea bag.

Place the bucket in full sun or somewhere warm if you can, if not, it isn't necessary, let it brew overnight or up to three days, then pour into a sprayer of some sort and go fertilize and protect your garden naturally.

Just be sure to smell it before using it, it shouldn't have a strong swamp-like smell, if it does, it is bad, and you shouldn't use it (but you could just dump it bank into your tumbler).

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