AXS Visitor Tracking System
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This system records visits to your site. This admin script allows you to display these records in meaningful graph and database formats. There are currently 18555 hits recorded (log started 2007-04-06).

Enter the number of recent hits you'd like to view, or leave blank for all. Enter "L" to view hits since your last visit on September 17, 2007.

Create Graphs Based On:



By default, all hits in the database will be graphed. Use these filters to restrict graphs to recent hits, critical files, or both.

    , or specify:

Start Date: (mm-dd-year)
End Date: (mm-dd-year)
Filter String:

The filter string may contain a file name, server name, or browser type. If this field is used, only log entries which pattern match to this string will be analyzed.

See Instructions for Tagging HTML Pages for information on tagging your HTML pages.

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